Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How to cut your own hair

This TOTALLY works!

You tie up a pony-tail on the front of your head, like a unicorn, then chop off hair in a straight line. Then you cut in to soften the lines.

I tried this on my long damaged hair. I made a few trims until I got the length I wanted.  I love the layers it adds and now my hair looks healthy and styled.

Here's detailed instructions from Cosmo UK.

I also checked out this video.

I used these sheers from Sally's Beauty.

Logo Bronze Series Shear #100

The process took me less than 5 minutes and I saved a bunch of money.

New favorite website -

I've spent hours here already.

Insider news - stuff I've long suspected.

My favorite post is the BullSh*t on Brushes.

Review of Robert Jones Beauty Academy

I've been a student of the Robert Jones Beauty Academy for almost a year.  This is a phenomenal resource for learning Professional Makeup Artistry. The curriculum is online. There are videos to watch with each lesson and supplemental handouts to download. There are quizzes at the end of each lesson.

I keep going back to the videos for reference which is why I've kept up my membership for so long. The handouts on each lesson provide additional explanations.

The videos give step-by-step instruction and I watch them over and over.  Even though I'm enrolled in an in-person makeup academy, I still need to watch these videos. Hey, sometimes I'm a slow learner so having this resource is a huge help.

The explanations are clear. Robert Jones is a long-time industry professional and not some current youtube sensation.

I find something new each time I watch. Lately I've watched the eyebrow videos in the Advanced section.  I'm glad to see he uses pencils AND shadow to fill in brows, and he uses multiple colors to make the shading look natural.

You'll find other tricks of the trade.  You can watch some of this videos on Youtube. I recommend joining the Robert Jones Beauty Academy. Don't hesitate!