Sunday, March 9, 2014

Makeup Kit 101 - What to put in your makeup kit

Without a doubt, you must start by checking out the product recommendations from Kevin James Bennett at his kit site. (Uh, oh - it's currently under construction, 4/7/2014)

You'll find products in every price range. Please know his recommendations are for professional use, meaning, the products are designed to work for a specific purpose usually associated with high-definition photography or video. In other words, most professional makeup products lack ingredients containing therapeutic or corrective properties because of their potential to cause irritation or reactions. Obviously, this is something you want to completely avoid on a job.

Resist marketing from consumer brands because many of these products have ingredients that will not photograph well. The main problem ingredient is titanium dioxide used in SPF formulas to block out the sun. The problem is, it will also block out the camera's flash and leave your client with "ghost" face - a face veiled in solid white void of any color. While foundations with SPF might look fine to the naked eye, they just won't photograph well.

When you assemble your kit, locate products with multiple uses.  For example, some eye shadows will work for blush and contouring. Some moisturizers will work as primers and makeup remover.

Find a quality neutral eye shadow palette. Pro MUAs refer to this as "the money-maker palette". Personally, I don't like spending a lot of money on fashion colors but they can be difficult to resist.

Stay away from fragrances. Use moisturizers that can work across many skin types without causing irritation. I try to find lotions with few ingredients.

Read all ingredients!

I have a few set bags that I really like. I'll post some pics soon.

Anyways, I just wanted to post the KJ Bennett link due to popular demand by friends, love you!