Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cosmetology code - Sanitation - California

I get tired of looking this up so I posted what I need.

Disclaimer: These regulations apply to work in a licensed facility such as a salon or Cosmotology school. These regulations do not apply to entertainment or retail industry work (still it's good to know).

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Some items I copied for my personal knowledge (it's not complete).

Topics:  Disinfecting with EPA-registered disinfectant, towels & washing temperatures, using product to not contaminate, sharpening pencils.

Article 12. Health and Safety

Title 16, Division 9, California Code of Regulations
Board of Barbering and Cosmetology

979. Disinfecting Non-Electrical Instruments and Equipment
(a) Before use upon a patron, all non-electrical instruments shall be disinfected in the following manner:
(1) Clean with soap or detergent and water.
(2) Then totally immerse in an EPA-registered disinfectant with demonstrated bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal activity, used according to manufacturer's instructions.
(b) The disinfectant solutions specified in subdivision (a) shall:
(1) Remain covered at all times.
(2) Be changed at least once per week or whenever visibly cloudy or dirty.
(c) All instruments that have been used on a patron or soiled in any manner shall be placed in a properly labeled receptacle.
(d) All disinfected instruments shall be stored in a clean, covered place which is labeled as such.
(e) If instruments and equipment specified in this section are sterilized in accordance with the requirements outlined in Section 982, the requirements of this section will be deemed to have been met.

(b) Towels shall be laundered either by regular commercial laundering or by a noncommercial laundering process which includes immersion in water at least 140oF for not less than fifteen (15) minutes during the washing or rinsing operation.

988. Liquids, Creams, Powders and Cosmetics
(a) All liquids, creams, and other cosmetic preparations shall be kept in clean and closed containers. Powders may be kept in clean shakers.
(b) All bottles and containers shall be distinctly and correctly labeled to disclose their contents. All bottles and containers containing poisonous substances shall be additionally and distinctly marked as such.
(c) When only a portion of a cosmetic preparation is to be used on a patron, it shall be removed from the container in such a way as not to contaminate the remaining portion.
(d) Pencil cosmetics shall be sharpened before each use.