Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Today I joined Michael Vincent Academy

Today I joined the Michael Vincent Academy for Makeup Artistry.  I'm very excited. The signup process was easy and the customer support experience was excellent. Marco answered all of my questions and I'm ready to get started.

What is the reason I joined?  I need practice! Plus I could use the extra kick in the tail to jumpstart my MUA career. I've been slacking off lately so it's time to rev-up! When I visited up it looked like they were preparing for a photo shoot. There were people in the waiting room who flew in from New York just to use the facilities. I was very impressed. Visiting the location and checking out the facility confirmed my decision to join. They're fully equipped to shoot videos (I saw the green background screen) and they were also preparing for a runway show. I felt this is the place where I would learn all of the necessary makeup skills to be comfortable in many professional situations, so I signed up.

I look forward to this experience and expanding my portfolio!

Note:  I'm totally obsessed with Michael Vincent's photography of Christina Hendricks.

Bonus: I get to see Christina whenever I walk up the stairs.